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We are interested in sports journalism and like to work with students considering a higher education degree ahead of a potential career in sports journalism.

Our listings include the entire range of potential journalistic or news study, from more serious journalism degrees focussing in print, broadcast and multimedia through to the more theory-based schemes studying the past and development of reporting, as well as less designed options such as communications or creatively writing.

But don’t think a bachelors in journalism is the sole way to enter the industry. Some debate that you’re better off finding as good a degree as you can from as high quality an institution as you are able to, whatever the discipline, as there are also chances for journalistic academia away from universities that can be discovered in our Other Courses part of the website.

As a suggestion – in the past the industry standards for media, broadcasters and newspapers – much is worth looking out for, while specifically at Masters level, the courses at City London and also at Cardiff University are very well renowned within the industry.

If you are a course admin worker who wishes to see your degree included on this directory, get in touch with our listings editor for info of how you can be put on the list, and our particular rates for an enhanced addition by e-mailing Jack Lee.


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We celebrate sporting events all over the country, from Gravesend, to Wolverhampton and St Andrews. We discuss so many sports – football, hockey, cricket, running, rugby, athletics, tennis, badminton, korfball, water polo, equestrian activities and so much more.

The Sport and Leisure Flying Show is Britain’s largest indoor show which encompasses the entire range of lightweight aviation flying, from basic paraglider canopies to 'hotship' composite microlights which allow you to cruise at 140kts or even more, and with the great stress on cost. This 'New Aviation' is one of the most quickly growing areas in sport aviation, and this exhibition is where you can learn about new foot launched paragliders, racing hang gliders, the most recently invented flexwing microlight and much, much more. Things move on quickly, you get to witness the best new items here at the show.

If you are a spring chicken to aviation, both the UK Microlight Aircraft Association and UK-based Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA), which are the shared organisers of the exhibition, are making the ethos of their stands "Getting to grips with flying". There is no more affordable or easier way to get into aviation.

If you have ever wanted to get airborne but perhaps thought it was far beyond your abilities, come and watch us at the show and you'll soon discover just how simple it is to get into it. Among the people are colleges and groups who can explain how to go about learning, you can seek consultation from those already into the sport, or chat to all the big manufacturers and bringers of lightweight sport flying kit.

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